Oesophageal Cancer Fund (OCF)

OCF case study

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Ireland has one of the highest rates of oesophageal cancer in Europe yet when compared with breast or lung cancer, the awareness of oesophageal cancer in Ireland is very low. The Oesophageal Cancer Fund (OCF) is a registered charity set up in 2001 by friends of Lucilla Hyland to raise awareness of, and money for, research into oesophageal cancer in Ireland. They host an annual fundraising campaign ‘Lollipop Day’ which aims to increase public awareness of the symptoms of this cancer, and to highlight how the cancer can be prevented or diagnosed early to improve cure rates.


Drury | Porter Novelli has worked with the OCF on Lollipop Day since 2005, to increase public awareness of the symptoms of oesophageal cancer through a comprehensive public awareness campaign. This involves targeted media relations, stakeholder engagement and event management. It also involves identifying survivors of oesophageal cancer who are prepared to tell their story to media in order to increase awareness of the symptoms and highlight that early detection can save lives.


The success of these campaigns is the increased public awareness of the symptoms of oesophageal cancer and the vital funds raised for research into, and awareness of, oesophageal cancer. €2.4 million euro has been raised by the OCF to date. Drury | Porter Novelli successfully lobbied the Minster for Health to launch Lollipop Day in 2013 and 2014 which resulted in national TV coverage for the OCF.