Alliance for Insurance Reform


The Alliance for Insurance Reform is a coalition of 26 representative bodies (36,000 members, 639,000 employees and 43,000 volunteers) whose members are frustrated at the impact of rising insurance costs.  While there had been significant analysis of the problem, solutions were slow in coming.  The Alliance’s mission was to “leverage actions that will reduce insurance premiums to sustainable levels and keep them that way”.


Working with DruryPN, the Alliance adopted a twin track strategy involving public relations and public affairs. 

Following the launch of the Alliance, a steady drumbeat of stories of charities, community groups and small businesses were consistently highlighted in print, broadcast and online media.  These stories focused on the risk posed to jobs and services by rising premiums, especially in the public liability area.  The Alliance’s core spokespeople became regular contributors on TV and radio discussions on the issue of high insurance costs.

DruryPN also worked with the Alliance to develop specific proposals for reform.  Initially, these were based on three themes- transparency (by insurers), prevention (of fraudulent and exaggerated claims) and consistency (of awards in court and with other jurisdictions).  These themes were then developed into a broad policy platform.  The Alliance’s “10 asks” – achievable policy/legislative changes – formed the basis of extensive engagement with politicians from across the Oireachtas including 3 presentations to Oireachtas Committees.  A special briefing in the AV room in Leinster House featuring video footage of fraudulent claims was attended by a large cross section of TDs and Senators.


A number of the Alliance “asks” have been implemented by Government or put forward in private members legislation by the opposition.  The work of the Alliance is on-going.